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What started as a humble idea to revamp the bouquet scene in Manila, has now fully blossomed into Petalier, an online-based flower shop that specializes in Luxury Boxed Blooms. Petalier promises to provide only the finest products with premium service to match it.

The goal was to tap and interact with prospective customers and loyal clientele, using a creative yet engaging marketing campaign through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Every month, themed content and marketing campaigns change depending on current trends, events, and goals; not only increasing audience participation but also, increasing conversions.


Petalier, having roses as their only product, was a challenge for Artzap Studio. We needed to make roses a daily need. Through themed content, the team was creative in coming up with ways for the audience to relate to the brand and its product on a personal level.


A brand questionnaire was given to the client so that Artzap Studio can better understand the brand and its personality, voice, image, and creative direction. After receiving the brief from the owners, proposed post concepts, campaigns, campaign schedule, and strategies were presented for approval. Once finalized, the approved concepts were shot and post-processed, ready for online posting. To update the clients of the status of the campaign, Artzap Studio gave monthly reports that would include their recommendations to further improve strategic marketing.


According to Ms. Diane and Ms. Lauren of Petalier, Artzap Studio’s intervention has greatly impacted their sales and audience. Prior to meeting Artzap Studio, Petalier’s sales were not meeting the owners’ expectations; but upon crossing paths with Artzap Studio, their sales increased by 100% in a matter of a month.

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