With over ten courses of study ranging from its class-leading international and HRM courses, to information technology, engineering, business and arts, LPL offers a fantastic opportunity to learn within a vibrant and dynamic school setting nestled in the foothills of Mt. Makiling and with strong academic industry partnership to multi-national companies and medium scale industries that are located within the area.



Together with LPU, we established two main goals for the website redesign: increase conversions and demonstrate high-end design and quality education.

In an effort to build a better informed strategy, we did a site audit of several competitors who emphasize strong design. We knew we needed to also look at several of their websites.

This research step gave us insight into what seemed to work, as well as what didn’t, in featuring aspects of their courses.


From the experience we had visiting their first website, we knew that the approach of the design had to be more compelling and “new” and make a connection with their potential enrollees. We also knew the design needed to make a strong visual impact so we implemented the bold colors and clean lines straight from the branding that we renewed.

Finally, we wanted a way to show their highlights to make that instant connection to the university website. The awards and news at the homepage demonstrated the quality and outstanding education of their school.

Working with Lyceum of the Philippines University is an eye-opening experience. After designing and developing the website, Artzap Studio was contracted to increase the search rankings of several courses. LPU had to prepare for the coming K-12 programs in the Philippines and search engine optimization was one of the superlative ways to increase their website conversion. Over the months, we evaluated that thousands of visitors doubled in the 2nd month of the seo service during their enrollment phase. By the fourth month, most of the keywords outranked their competitors and can be viewed on the first page of Google.


Made three Web Design Studies


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